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„Why Don’t We Talk?” Project

„Why Don’t We Talk?” Project

When our “bad days” come or when we struggle with any problems, everybody expects us to be strong. We even start repeating it ourselves: we have to bear up and go on, forget about the past and stop thinking about the pain we feel. Nobody can see us weak and helpless, no way!

But what if sometimes being strong is not enough?

I don’t think that trying to make things better and being an optimist is a bad idea but sometimes life kicks you in the teeth harder than you thought it might. Each of us needs somebody who will give us support and understanding during the bad time. But we still don’t want to talk.


“Why Don’t We Talk?” Project was created to talk a bit about the things we don’t talk about even though we should. Bottled up emotions will destroy you from the inside sooner or later. We still haven’t found the medication for all problems and probably we never will, but it is known that sometimes a simple talk may change a lot.

So, why don’t we talk?

Somebody Will Listen- Mental health short film


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