Life is the art of drawing without an eraser
Heart of Art

About me

My name is Kamila. I’m… Ha! You want to know how old I am, huh? Yeah, I know. I’m a teenager who’s in love with art. And with psychology, astronomy, horse riding, cooking, wandering aimlessly, nights that I spend sitting around the fire, laughing, stars and birds singing. With the warm summer evenings, beautiful stories, undiscovered places and mysterious theories. With the books I’ll never read and people I’m not even about to meet. With the sun and with flowers. With life.

Who am I? Oh, to define is to limit! I’m always somebody in the middle. Neither to the left nor to the right. I know the light well, the darkness doesn’t make me scared. I am one of the secrets of the universe (just like the statues of Easter Island!). The mystery even for myself.  There is no such a word that could describe me. How should you call me in that case?

Kama. Call me Kama.