Life is the art of drawing without an eraser
Heart of Art

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Why Heart of Art?

I write because… I love it. Just like that. As much as I love any other form of art and the sheer process of creation.

Because it’s my way of getting rid of disturbing thoughts, embellishing sad times, of writing down valuable memories and brightening up my days. Because my head is always full of different stories and pictures which (if I don’t hate them) I love creating again and again while discovering their beauty anew.

Because I feel that if I put something disturbing on paper it disappears from my head. Forever. It belongs to the other world, has been named and put into words and, as something defined, it’s not so hard to control.

I write this blog because I know that life is tough sometimes. I also know that you feel better when you see that you are not the only one with some kind of a problem and that somebody understands you (finally!). I write because art has helped me to open up and see the world from the other perspective. Honestly, it has turned my life upside down in a really really good way. Who knows, maybe it will make a positive revolution in Your life too?

So I write. I create. Not only for You, but also for myself. Just to make this world a little better place 😉

WARNING: I’m not Wikipedia and I’m still a teen- a lot of things may be unclear for me and, because of my specific character, I may have a  t o t a l l y  different perception of the world than You. After reading/watching/whatever you’re doing on my blog (?), please talk with your Inner Self and rethink my complicated disquisitions while drinking a cup of tea. Over and out.