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Life is the art of drawing without an eraser

Heart of Art

More than Art! Foundation
More than Art! Foundation

The beauty of art should be for everyone, without unnecessary strictness or boundaries. We do our best to promote this idea. What do you say?

“Why Don’t We Talk?” Project
“Why Don’t We Talk?” Project

We will probably never find a medication for all of our problems but it is known that sometimes a simple talk can change a lot. So, why don’t we talk?

Wild thoughts

Wanna see what’s on my mind? Check it here. I tend to observe life, delve into my soul and then put all of my feelings and thoughts on paper. Yeah, and I illustrate it all with art.

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Meet the artist

Artists are amazing. I fell in love with them at first sight – with their souls, their ideas, unusual life stories and stunning artworks. I write for you about their beauty here.

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World around me

Our world is a dangerous place. Cruel, beautiful, mysterious, divided, lovely, perfidious and fascinating at the same time. That’s why I can’t help discovering it over and over again.

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Latest posts

My mind is like a zoo - it's kinda wild place. If you're not afraid, help yourself buddy.
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Where is love?

Where is love? There’s no such a thing. Or certainly not in the form it should be. How do I...
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A sock, a suitcase, and a home

One day I noticed that I had a hole. Just like that - just like, let's say, a sock can...
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No One Can Make Me Grow Up, Right?

Have I ever told you the story about theory and practice? Yeah, I’ve always loved it, the fact that nothing...
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„Why Don’t We Talk?” Project

When our “bad days” come or when we struggle with any problems, everybody expects us to be strong. We even start repeating it ourselves: we have to bear up and go on, forget about the past and stop thinking about the pain we feel. Nobody can see us weak and …
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Why Heart of Art?

I write because… I love it. Just like that. As much as I love any other form of art and the sheer process of creation.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions or just want to drop me a line, go ahead:

I can’t promise that I will replay to all of the emails I’ll get. Still, if you have anything wise (or not) to tell me – I’m here for you. See you guys!